Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Celest!

On March 1st, Celest Lynne Celebrated her first birthday. Since Bryan isn't here we just had lunch at Abuelo's with some cake and Grandparents! Here are a couple of pics of her Fun Day!

More to come... Bryan Graduates from Boot Camp on March 27th and on that day Celest is having her real party so that her Daddy can be there with all of her family! And it is also a Congratulation's Bryan party as well! South Carolina Here We Come!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Celest Lynne

Just a few Pictures of Celest!
She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up and trying to crawl up the stairs!

You can't tell but she is trying to climb stairs.

Christmas... WOW!

This year was Celest's 1st Christmas and it was a fun time. We started at Patty & Dan's then moved to Grandma Newell's house. The day after Christmas we drove to Dundee Michigan and met up with Pork & Kathy and finally ended at Judy & Jerry's on Saturday the 27th! Here is some Christmas memories that we want to pass on!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow look what Santa Brought me!!!

Presents... That's mine... That's mine... nope that's not mine.... wait that's mine!!!!

Daddy it is your turn!

More Presents!!!

Wow...... what is it?

YEAH!!! More presents!

I Love It!

So Much I don't know what to do......

We hope that everyone had a Great and Joyous Chistmas!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome to the Marine Corps!!!

Most of you know that Bryan has been thinking about joining the Marine Corps ever since he was layed off in May... Well he recently got layed off again and he has pursued his interest in joining the Military! On Friday December 19th Bryan took his inital oath of the Military.

Raising his right hand and preparing to say the oath...

Saying his name which he mispronounced... ooops!

The Army Captain that administered the oath.

Well that's that!!! It is official..... Bryan leaves on Monday December 29th for Boot camp and will be gone for 13 weeks!!! I am sure it will be some of the hardest weeks of all of our lives right now but we will get through it and everything will be great when it is over!
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More Christmas photo shoot!!!

Ok well this is not too bad!!!

What's going on now!!!

Nope Don't like it!

That's all she wrote sister!!!

Celest's First Christmas Season!!!

For me Christmas time is so much fun! First off my name is Noël if that doesn't give it away nothing will... But anyway I love Christmas... putting up a tree setting the lights up outside. Christmas is such a warm and cozy holiday and time period to me! Well I am so excited to share my love of Christmas with Celest that when Judy got her a Santa hat I wanted to make Christmas Cards... So we had a little photo shoot at my parent's house! And here is how it went....

Unfortunately Celest had a runny nose and runny eyes the day I wanted to take pictures!

The typical... "Get this thing off of my head!!!"

My little mischievous girl!!!
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Celest celebrated her first Thanksgiving at her Grandma's house!

Getting ready to go and eat LOTS of good food!

Bryan and Jacob (his cousin) playing pool at Judy's. I think that
Jacob is wanting to play with a little bit more that just Cues & Sticks!

Malori & Celest having fun watching Bryan and Jacob Goof Off!!!

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!