Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas at the Newell Household (Bryan's Grandma)

After we left Noël's Mom and Dad's house we went to Bryan's Grandma Newell's house to celebrate with his Mom and Family!!!

What a Beautiful Tree!!!

Judy in the Christmas Spirit... wearing her new Harley "inspired" Cap!!!

It is True... Steve is holding MICHIGAN Paraphernalia!!!

Judy all excited about here new robe from her Mom!!! She was showing here excitement to Malory!!!

Thank You EVERYONE!!! You made our Christmas AWESOME!!! We Love you ALL!!!!Our Tree with all of the goodies from Christmas!!!

Christmas at the Chance's!!!

We hope that everyone had a Great Christmas!!! We certainly did. Bryan got me a new camera and I am very excited to show you pictures that were taken with it!!!

Christmas is Here!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Noël's Mom & Dad!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman... Yes, there is no Red Rider BB Gun Here!!!

Yup, That is correct.... Santa brought this lady a SHOTGUN!!!

Let's not mess with her!!!