Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun Times in Detroit!!!

Bryan & Noël before coming home!!!

Bryan's Dad (Pork) & Step-Mom (Kathy)!!!

We had a great time!!!

Love y'all

Bryan & Noël

More Pictures from The Henry Ford Museum!!!

The Weiner Mobile

A Huge Snow Plow attached to the front of a Train used in Canada!!!

1956 Firebird

1907 Harley Davidson!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Henry Ford Museum
Here are some pictures from when we went to the Henry Ford Museum!!!

The Car Kennedy was Shot in!!!

Theodore Roosevelt's Presidential Carriage!!!

The Presidential Locomotive!!!!

Pork and Kathy by the Old Holiday Inn Sign!!!

Old White Castle Stained Glass (This one's for you Becky!!!)

Fun Weekend in Detroit!!!
We went up to Detroit on Friday for Bryan's cousin Crystal's Wedding. The Bride was BEAUTIFUL!!! as well as the location. On Saturday we had a fun time with Bryan's Dad and Step-Mom (Pork and Kathy). We went to the Henry Ford Museum!!! AWESOME and saw some really neat things! We came home on Sunday to an upcoming very busy week.... So I guess we are back to normal now, But we had fun while it lasted!!! Our next break for us will be coming around Thanksgiving, we are going with my parents down to Arkansas to go deer hunting so I hope to have some Fun Pictures for that!!! Also this Past weekend was Cader Cates Birthday (Cadence for those who don't know her) So take a peak at Becky's blog to see the
1 year-old Birthday Girl!!!

The Bride (Crystal) and Groom (Nathan)!!!

The String Courtet they had playing before the Wedding!!!! (FANCY)

Beautiful Water during the reception!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

I know that some of you have seen these but some have not so I wanted to post them on here!!!

Bryan & Noël

Bryan, His Mom (Judy) and his Grandma (Audrey)

Bryan at the Indy Nascar Race... Resting before it starts!!!

Hope You Enjoy!!!


Noël & Bryan