Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Newest Addition to Our Family


9 Week old Weimeriner with the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen!!!

She Loves her Dad!!!

She also likes sitting on his head...

Well, the Potty training really worked well for Bryan but Daisy Mable still has a little bit of work to do!!!
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Caders having fun with Uncle Bryan...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Pictures from the Gorge

This is the sign for the tunnel I just talked about it was an AWESOME one lane tunnel that if you moved the truck the tiniest bit from either side to side then you would have a HUGE scratch down your truck...

This is the entrance to the tunnel... You had to turn your lights on so that if there was on coming traffic they could see you and back up, there is no room for passing!!!

The entire town uses all natural spring water from the mountain. This is a spot for people to stop and fill up any water bottles or beer bottles if that is what you have. We were soooo stinky by the time we saw this all we did is a quick wash with some soap and the guys washed their hair... Man the water was freezing!!! But at least we smelled a little better!

This is Half Moon Rock (the one Bryan Climbed up and looked over)
Now can you see why Noël and Christina decided to stay at the truck and relax... I was NOT going up there!!!
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Our Camping Trip to the Red River Gorge

We just went camping with our Friends Clyde & Christina. We went to a beautiful place called the Red River Gorge in Kentucky!!! It is in the Appalachian Mountains and apart of the Daniel Boone National Forest!!! We rough camped it... No Toilet, No Shower!!! It was an AWESOME time and we cannot wait to go camping again...

Noël & Christina inside of a cave at the Gorge... It took us forever to find this cave, it was all Clyde could talk about the entire weekend... We kept asking people if they new where it was, the most priceless answer was from a native kentuckian "do ya mean that hole that cars drive through?!?!?" No you dingaling that would be a tunnel (I will put a picture of the awesome tunnel on next time)...

Clyde and Bryan in side the side of a cliff...

Bryan looking over what is called half-moon rock.... Looking down a couple 100 feet to the forest below...
Needless to say Noël and Christina stayed at the truck for this hike...
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just a Thank You!!!

Thanks the The Wisniewski's!!!
All of them really helped putting this wedding together!!!

Becky and Phillip thank you for letting us stay at your house and putting up with us!!!

Jacqui and Matt thank you for all of your help during the week and at the wedding!!!

But most of all I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Becky!!!! She did EVERYTHING for me!!! Without her I don't know what would have happened!!! She helped from the beginning helping me find my location to dinner to allowing stuff to be shipped to her house all the way to shipping it back to me!!! Becky really helped make the wedding beautiful and perfect and the Sand Unity was here IDEA!!! AWESOME!!! Becky I love you and I am so excited to have a sister now!!!!
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More Wedding Pics!!!

He Looks excited!!! Doesn't he!!!

I am very Excited Myself!!!

Sand Unity!!! As the Grains of sand pour together the can never be separated!!!

You may now Kiss the Bride!!!
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We Got Married!!!

On April 28th, 2007 we were married in San Diego California!!!

Here are a few pictures for everyone!!! I will update more this weekend!!!

Our Name in the Sand!!!

Bryan and Noël listening to the Minister (Noël's Grandfather)

Noël and her Daddy!!!

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