Saturday, January 03, 2009

Celest Lynne

Just a few Pictures of Celest!
She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up and trying to crawl up the stairs!

You can't tell but she is trying to climb stairs.

Christmas... WOW!

This year was Celest's 1st Christmas and it was a fun time. We started at Patty & Dan's then moved to Grandma Newell's house. The day after Christmas we drove to Dundee Michigan and met up with Pork & Kathy and finally ended at Judy & Jerry's on Saturday the 27th! Here is some Christmas memories that we want to pass on!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wow look what Santa Brought me!!!

Presents... That's mine... That's mine... nope that's not mine.... wait that's mine!!!!

Daddy it is your turn!

More Presents!!!

Wow...... what is it?

YEAH!!! More presents!

I Love It!

So Much I don't know what to do......

We hope that everyone had a Great and Joyous Chistmas!!!