Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

First all we would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!

We spent our Thanksgiving day driving to Arkansas for Bryan's first big hunting expedition!!!! FUN!!! Unfortunately this year all we killed was some time but next should be better. Also Noël's birthday was Sunday, so we had a party on the camp!!!Here are a couple of fun pics from our trip.

Bryan and Noël's Dad sitting back before the afternoon hunt.

Bryan about to go out to try and kill a deer!

Noël after only killing some time, but we did see 3 small doe.

Noël's Birthday Cake...

Noël's Daddy at Deer Camp 32 years ago!!!

Noël's Daddy at Deer Camp Thanksgiving 2006


beckysan01 said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!!! Loved the pictures! Happy Birthday to you also! I still have your card at my house, hopefully you'll get it by the time you come out here for the wedding. I need to get better about that. I have 3 other cards sitting right next to it to be sent also. Love you guys!

Phillip said...

Dude, Nice beard bro, that is awesome!! It looks like ya'll had a great time. Later, can't wait to see ya'll.