Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Pictures from the Gorge

This is the sign for the tunnel I just talked about it was an AWESOME one lane tunnel that if you moved the truck the tiniest bit from either side to side then you would have a HUGE scratch down your truck...

This is the entrance to the tunnel... You had to turn your lights on so that if there was on coming traffic they could see you and back up, there is no room for passing!!!

The entire town uses all natural spring water from the mountain. This is a spot for people to stop and fill up any water bottles or beer bottles if that is what you have. We were soooo stinky by the time we saw this all we did is a quick wash with some soap and the guys washed their hair... Man the water was freezing!!! But at least we smelled a little better!

This is Half Moon Rock (the one Bryan Climbed up and looked over)
Now can you see why Noël and Christina decided to stay at the truck and relax... I was NOT going up there!!!
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