Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just a Thank You!!!

Thanks the The Wisniewski's!!!
All of them really helped putting this wedding together!!!

Becky and Phillip thank you for letting us stay at your house and putting up with us!!!

Jacqui and Matt thank you for all of your help during the week and at the wedding!!!

But most of all I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Becky!!!! She did EVERYTHING for me!!! Without her I don't know what would have happened!!! She helped from the beginning helping me find my location to dinner to allowing stuff to be shipped to her house all the way to shipping it back to me!!! Becky really helped make the wedding beautiful and perfect and the Sand Unity was here IDEA!!! AWESOME!!! Becky I love you and I am so excited to have a sister now!!!!
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beckysan01 said...

Thank you isn't necessary!!! I had fun helping you. I'm so happy that it turned out so beautiful - it was a great day! Love you guys!!!