Sunday, December 21, 2008

Noël's Birthday Flowers!

My birthday was in November and my wonderful husband
brought home a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I was looking at them and I thought
"Wow he put some thought into these flowers... what a great and ingenious husband I have!"
Here is why I thought this...

3 Roses: Red (Bryan's & My Love), White (Celest Lynne's pure heart)
& Yellow (for the Yellow Rose of Texas... which is where I am from)

So I say to Bryan how neat it was for him to have picked such a wonderful
bouquet! And he comes back with... I just went in there and
asked for a bouquet and told them how much I wanted
to spend, then they put it all together!

Well it was the thought that counts!!! And they were beautiful... here is a better
picture of the entire bouquet!

Thank You babe for making my Birthday absolutely the best!!!
I Love You!
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